2019 Goals: The Bold and the Brave

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Happy New Year! Guys, we made it! Made it to a new year, a new start, a new planner. I’m pretty excited about my personal and professional goals this year. They are all challenging, but obtainable. In years past, I’ve suffered from choosing unattainable goals. Yes, I’d LIKE to workout every single day, but some days I’m sick or my kid is sick or the car breaks down or I’m just feeling lazy. I need to do a better job at giving myself room to improve, but also room to breathe.

Reading Goals

I only have two reading goals this year.

  • Read 24 books. I know, I know, that seems like a super low number for a book blogger. I used to read a crazy number of books every year (100+ at least), but I scaled it back three years ago when I went through a year long slump. I aim for 24 books now, or two books a month. I’m usually able to read beyond that number, but I’m no longer beating myself up about it.
  • Read 12 backlist books. I joined Austine’s Beat The Backlist challenge for 2019. My choice of reads includes books lingering on my Goodread’s TBR list, books I own on Audible/Kindle, and a mystery mini-genre study. Read more about my selections here.

Blog Goals

I have three blog goals.

  • Add my book reviews to the blog. Last April, I decided to stop blogging. I still read and posted reviews on Goodreads, but, in true Leigha fashion, I completely DELETED MY BLOG. Two years gone in a click. GONE. Anywho, I’m planning on adding all my reviews on Goodreads for the past several years back to the blog.
  • Comment on other blogs. I’m a lurker. Do you see your view count rising, but no comments on it? THAT’S ME. Hello! I actually read a decent amount of blogs, but I rarely comment on them. I’m aiming for one comment a week. Crazy stuff for this introvert.
  • Automate my social media. I’m not on social media much, but I understand it’s importance. My plan is to automatically post my blog content to my social media accounts without me having to do it manually.

Other Goals

Last but not least, I have several other random goals.

  • Rewatch all the MCU movies before Avengers: Infinity War arrives in theaters.
  • Read to my daughter daily.
  • Develop more positive female friendships.
  • Daily habit tracker FTW!
  • Do one – JUST ONE – improvement to my house. I’m thinking of painting the entry way.
  • Eat out less. I did this one in September last year and saved almost $300 dollars. Part hobbit does not mean I need to be part broke too.
  • Rewatch Game of Thrones before the last season in April. *sob*

There you have it – my big, bold goals of 2019. Not too crazy, right? I guess my overarching goal for this year is love hard, worry less, and enjoy every single second life hands you lemonade.

What are your goals for 2019?

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